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ManiCare and their staff did a truly superb job at the Evans VIP blogger pampering suite. It was an absolute dream working with their team. Everyone arrived prepared and promptly on time. I am looking forward to using ManiCare again for my next VIP fashion event.

– Ryan C., Mission PR

Manhattan’s Relay for Life had the pleasure of working with ManiCare this year, where Kate and her team donated specialized manicures to all the cancers survivors in attendance. The quality and care that was put into each manicure was incredible, and each person truly felt pampered during the experience. I cannot speak highly enough of ManiCare’s dedication to making their clients feel special, or their commitment to upholding their noble mission statement.

– Lindsay B.

This is an amazing way to make a very sick loved one feel better. Recently a dear friend was dying of a rare cancer and I called all around trying to find someone to accompany me to her house to give her a manicure and pedicure. No luck. So I went to Hospice and they too could not help me. This is a very sensitive approach to something that might make someone feel better… At least for a little while. And sometimes you can’t ask for more than that! Well done!!

– Margaret C.

I would like to say how much I enjoyed Rachael’s work and also her company; I would recommend her most enthusiastically to anyone. As a person who has spent a lot of time recovering from various illnesses, injuries, and surgical procedures, I would also like to express my great appreciation for the service you provide, and wish I had known in the past that such a service existed. I will certainly contact you and recommend you to other patients and the medical personnel.

– Brenda F. (back surgery)

My father was recently hospitalized and, as an unfortunate result of ongoing treatment, his fingernails became brittle, flaky, and broken. My mother and I tried to repair his nails, but professional care was necessary. I contacted Kate (after finding her company online) and she quickly sent a member of her team to my father’s bedside at the hospital. The manicurist was friendly, caring, and experienced; not only did she brighten my father’s day, she left his nails looking great! He was incredibly pleased with the service and it was a great alternative to sending flowers or balloons – even the doctors and nurses commented on what a lovely service it was! Kate was a pleasure to deal with as well. I highly recommend ManiCare to anyone looking for a highly personalized nail care experience.

– Denise C.

ManiCare was very professional and easy to work with. We got positive feedback from employees on the service and the quality of the manicures. They were also very flexible, and were able to extend our time when we had more people signed up than slots available. I will definitely use them again if we get the budget.”

– Grubhub