our guestbook

Manhattan’s Relay for Life had the pleasure of working with ManiCare this year, where Kate and her team donated specialized manicures to all the cancers survivors in attendance. The quality and care that was put into each manicure was incredible, and each person truly felt pampered during the experience. I cannot speak highly enough of ManiCare’s dedication to making their clients feel special, or their commitment to upholding their noble mission statement.

– Lindsay B.

I was so impressed and thankful for all the help ManiCare was able to provide for me and my friend. My friend is very sick with cancer and I wanted to give her a special day. ManiCare was so responsive, helpful, and understanding. They really wanted to be a part of it. I didn’t want to call just any random nail salon, this was a special opportunity and I wanted special people. Thank you for your hard work and for helping me do this for my friend. She loved it and felt so good after. I HIGHLY recommend ManiCare and would absolutely use them again.

– Lisa L.

I will be feeling pretty in my “blue rhapsody” nails when I go to deliver my twins in 1.5 weeks!

– Diana S. (pregnant on bedrest)

I would like to say how much I enjoyed Rachael’s work and also her company; I would recommend her most enthusiastically to anyone. As a person who has spent a lot of time recovering from various illnesses, injuries, and surgical procedures, I would also like to express my great appreciation for the service you provide, and wish I had known in the past that such a service existed. I will certainly contact you and recommend you to other patients and the medical personnel.

– Brenda F. (back surgery)

ManiCare and their staff did a truly superb job at the Evans VIP blogger pampering suite. It was an absolute dream working with their team. Everyone arrived prepared and promptly on time. I am looking forward to using ManiCare again for my next VIP fashion event.

– Ryan C., Mission PR

Everything this weekend went so well! Pretty much everyone wanted and received a manicure with Danielle’s nail art designs – and then shared them on social media! Thank you for being so flexible and working with us. You made this process run so smoothly and were truly a joy to work with. I will be sure you keep ManiCare in mind for any future projects.

– Marissa R., Edelman PR

My father was recently hospitalized and, as an unfortunate result of ongoing treatment, his fingernails became brittle, flaky, and broken. My mother and I tried to repair his nails, but professional care was necessary. I contacted Kate (after finding her company online) and she quickly sent a member of her team to my father’s bedside at the hospital. The manicurist was friendly, caring, and experienced; not only did she brighten my father’s day, she left his nails looking great! He was incredibly pleased with the service and it was a great alternative to sending flowers or balloons – even the doctors and nurses commented on what a lovely service it was! Kate was a pleasure to deal with as well. I highly recommend ManiCare to anyone looking for a highly personalized nail care experience.

– Denise C.

This is an amazing way to make a very sick loved one feel better. Recently a dear friend was dying of a rare cancer and I called all around trying to find someone to accompany me to her house to give her a manicure and pedicure. No luck. So I went to Hospice and they too could not help me. This is a very sensitive approach to something that might make someone feel better… At least for a little while. And sometimes you can’t ask for more than that! Well done!!

– Margaret C.

Oh my goodness, Marcela was awesome. My mom loved her from the start, and she was professional and did a job that surpassed my expectations. I am going to be calling at least once a month. She was GREAT!!!!! Thank you for such quick service, and having a great employee. I will spread the word to my friends.

– Laura C.

Thank you for your generosity. It is amazing and uplifting- this service you provide. You let people feel like themselves. You have no idea how much this donated service means to me- or actually, you know exactly how much this means. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

– Lisa A. (MS, emphysema)

I had been gifted a manicure from a friend and it was so much more than I had expected! I received a transplant and need to be careful with getting cuts or pushing back my cuticles. I haven’t gone to a nail salon for quite awhile because I always leave afraid of possible infections. I felt totally at ease working with ManiCare knowing that they sterilize their metal tools and open new tools for each client when possible! Danielle was so gentle and careful, checking with me first before she did anything that might be a cause for concern. Not only that, but the products they use are wonderful! I had an unexpected hospital admission this week and through the procedures, IVs in my hand and what not, my nails still stayed fabulous. It made me smile to know that with messy hair, no makeup, and hospital gowns as my main wardrobe, my hands still looked great!

– Emily G. (transplant)

You could not have found a sweeter person to work for you than Barbara. We chatted about everything, and she walked me through the manicure so I knew what was what. She sets up a calm, soothing environment. You can tell that she has the patient’s best interest at heart. She kept asking me if the strong smells were bad for my lungs. Thanks a ton for the manicure! It was an unforgettable experience as it was my first manicure ever!

– Michelle D. (cystic fibrosis)

My friend was very very happy. She said that the technician was fantastic, kind, and patient. Terri had very neglected feet and has crippled fingers. I couldn’t help her because they were too far gone for me. I can’t thank you enough for the service you offer, except just to spread the word around. This was a Godsend.

– Anne G. (purchasing for a friend with arthritis)

Unfortunately she passed away after an all too brief fight with cancer. But do know that the one appointment we did manage to have definitely cheered her up.

– Christine D. (purchasing for a friend with cancer)

You really don’t understand what your service has done for me. I have a hard time going to a manicure salon or for a pedicure and the fact that Rachael comes and makes me feel so good about myself is such a treat.

– Renee R.

I was in an accident and I have been hospitalized for a month. My boyfriend ordered manicare to come to the hospital and do my nails and wax my eyebrows and it was amazing!!! Danielle was super nice, my eyebrows came out perfectly, and my nails too. Great idea to come out to the hospitals.

– Cynthia H.

There are no words to describe how amazing this service was. My mom, who is not well, was totally thrilled with her service. She said it was the best nail experience she ever had. Thank you for you generosity; you took care of my mom and I am eternally grateful.

– Anonymous

My sister just had a baby and we wanted to give her a fun “push gift” she could really enjoy (and needed!!)…This service was amazing, very easy to set up and arrange…We felt safe using this company, which was super important with a newborn in the house. Will absolutely use them again as soon as my other sister has her baby!

– Melissa P.

I bought an in home manicure and pedicure for my wife for her birthday and she loved it. I was concerned she wouldn’t feel comfortable with a random stranger in the house but the technician made her feel very comfortable. Great service, great job and a great gift!”

– Avery N.